GeekGasm originally started out as a web comic on ComicGenesis WAAAYYYYY back in 2001 when it was known as "KeenSpace" (The Spot's redheaded step-cousin). Like most webcomics back then (and even now), it was about the people in my life and the things that we enjoyed -- namely movies, video games, and all things geek.

The strip had its moments, but was mostly really, REALLY, bad. You see, I like to think of myself as a writer. But back when the strip was being made, I didn't even know that I WANTED to write, let alone HOW to write. So, not only had I not attempted to learn more about my craft of choice, but I'd often get lazy and not write the strips before it was time to draw them. So, there were many strips that were drawn well before I knew what the eff they were about. Thankfully, innitial drawings would often inspire SOME sort of direction for the final panels, but for the most part... you can really tell that I didn't know what I was doing.

After the strip fizzled in '02, I used "GeekGasm" mainly as a portal for all my other stuff -- LJ, Myspace, other much BETTER projects (that I did NOT draw) like Eat The Roses, etc...

Well, it's been many years and I was going through my old strips while staring a new one and decided to put the old ones back up with notes about what I've learned over time.

No one may ever look at this page and that's okay. This is mainly for my benefit and education. There is another motive though... I really don't want to remove the strip from the internet because it's part of my past, and it would be sad to see it go. But I also don't want it to be people's first impression of me if they stumble across it -- at least not without some sort of explanation.


The Annotated Special Edition was born!

If you happen to enjoy what I produce here or here, awesome! But if not... then please realize that these are not -- I repeat -- NOT an example of my writing abilities. If you want to know what I CAN do, go to Eat The Roses or P. Andrew Floyd (When it's finished). These are just outlets.

Anyway, enjoy it or don't. I'll still love you either way.